Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors


Why Should You Care?

MarkSkowron600wGood question. I got my start in real estate a couple of years ago, not knowing a thing or a person in the industry, or about what to do, what to say to a seller or a buyer, or how to structure a deal. Even my first deal, the seller agreed to my low price and I didn’t know what to do from there lol. Had the contract with me and we filled it out but I made about 20 blunders. I was as new to the topic of real estate as the Cubs are to winning baseball games here in Chicago 🙂 I can say that as I was born and raised here.

Fast forward couple years and now I’m proof that if you put in your time, stay focused, and stay relentless on learning and taking action, your dreams can come true.

MarkAndWife1-1000wLast year I took off for the winter to stay in a Florida condo to escape the Chicago brutal winter. The freedom of it was amazing! I went from newbie to completing hundreds of real estate deals and the time freedom this business creates is amazing.

What other business can you be in Florida and closing deals in Chicago in the dead of winter. It wasn’t always that way though. Starting out, I was tested in every way: deals falling apart, not knowing what to say, negotiating with sellers, buyers, title issues, getting properties under contract in the “hood”

MarkAndWife2-1000wIt is extremely difficult to swim upstream against the current when you do not know what you’re doing. My advice: Don’t give up and find a mentor who can help and guide you through Murphys law.

As far as me, I’m 33, married to my beautiful wife Marion and live and actively invest in Chicago. I enjoy the business, enjoy sports, good conversations, traveling, juicing and almond butter, among other things 🙂

My secret to success is a quote from Bruce Lee, “a successful warrior is an average man with laser like focus.”

January office??Beats the alternative ~ shoveling

January office??
Beats the alternative ~ shoveling

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