Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

LionDo you ever watch National Geographic? In between some Shark Tank and The Profit, I will sneak in some National Geographic. Nothing like watching monkeys, elephants, and lions. Actually, watching any kind of nature is really interesting. Makes me think we have some much in common with them; yet a lot in contrast as well.

Lions though. I love watching lions. Google some lion videos or go to Lincoln Park Zoo or a local zoo and just watch and observe. They are very intriguing to me and how they respond to life is watch worthy.

Most of the time they are in full chill mode. Relaxing on a rock, in natural vegetation and act like us humans do when we’re on the beach napping in the sun. Acting as if not a care in the world they fully decompress and yawn and seem to be barely awake almost as if in a halfway coma. Their muscles relaxed and stretched over a rock. Then…

When it’s go time, when there is an imminent threat, or if they’re hungry and its feeding time, they suddenly jump up and are ready to fight to the death. Talk about a yin and a yang. One minute they’re relaxed and about ready to go to sleep and the next minute, they are ready to throw down to the death. With whatever threat they feel, or if they are just hungry, their attention suddenly turns to 100% focus on their mission. Laser like focus and precision they embark on a mission to quest their hunger or kill their attacker.

What’s the moral of the story? Be the lion.

Not literally in the sense of killing our prey, but as far as the intensity and focus on their mission.

We’re an overworked society that doesn’t place any value in rest. For the longest time, this was me. I wasn’t really happy unless I was working. And I still definitely am very happy now when I am producing. I now hold rest and recuperation and recreation very high and make sure to spend a lot of time doing things I love. It wasn’t always that way though, maybe you can relate. I almost had to force myself to relax sometimes and take a step back.

Think of any athlete at the top of their game: Jordan, Lebron, Djokovic, Serena Williams. Really anyone. Do you notice how intense they are when it’s “go time.” Watch Serena Williams at a grand slam or Novak Djokovic. They resemble the lion in the jungle. Outside of the match, they are relaxed and loose. Then, when it’s go time, they turn that switch on elevating their focus, determination, and energy level to a 10. This goes for every top performer. What you must learn is that intensity is a must. Whether its a soft confident intensity or an in your face brazen approach, a level of intensity and focus is a must to succeed at the highest levels.

If you watch the strongest man in the world competitions, or ping pong championships, do you notice a level of intensity present in both? As humans, we need that level of intensity to apply that energy into something worthwhile. Do you notice how sometimes people retire, lose interest in everything and succumb to being lazy, and die quick. Why is that? Truth is, we as humans are social creatures, and we are born to worship something: sports, religion, money, women, gambling, alcohol, drugs, the list goes on. Realize this is true and avert this into something worthwhile.

If you don’t have that intensity or passion, you need to find a way to tune into your higher self and like Anthony Robbins says,” awaken that inner giant.”

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