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BasketballIntenseMy wife often tells me, you know you’re crazy right when you work or when you’re in the zone.”

This is when she worked with me and saw first hand how I operate when “I’m in the zone.” I wish I could videotape it for you, the rabid intensity, “twinkle in the eye” intensity.

And I tell her, “how can you be successful these days in any realm without being a little crazy, appropriately channeled.” Think about that. To be successful in today’s world, I don’t see how you can take the abuse and be average in mindset. Crazy means hearing no 200 times but still energetic and enthusiastic for the 201st call. Who does that? I do that. Champions do that…It takes a little crazy to accomplish that. Getting a cramp and lightheaded after mile 7 of the half marathon and felt like I was hallucinating the last 2 miles, but I still finished. That takes a little crazy. That was only a half marathon, my wife beasted the full marathon and felt her whole body give up after mile 13, and she still finished it in an awesome time. So proud of her.

Point is being crazy in a good way is the way to be. Your feelings are overrated. They keep you safe, not happy, not progressing. Avoid getting caught up in your feelings. Get intense and deliver.
Being “off the rocker” a tad is more beneficial than harmful if you approach and channel it the correct way.

appropriately channeled craziness /unreasonableness is necessary for success actually I believe.
I wrote about this topic briefly in a previous post on intensity. Look at every winner, champion or thought leader in any industry; be it sports, business, politics and look to see in the top realms of achievement in any calling and you will find intensity. Either an in your face brazen bully approach or a quiet unrelenting confidence. Either way, to achieve anything in life worthy of anything, you must acquire this.

Along with this intensity goes…a little crazy. Thats right. Crazy. Crazy is good. You need crazy. A little crazy appropriately channeled. Not a complete “off the rocker psycho self where you are a complete tool to your self and emotions and lashing out pain to yourself and others. Instead, a crazy that you direct and channel and control to finish the marathon race, to get that sale or close that deal that everything went wrong with for months on end, or coming back from or near a bankruptcy.

Did you ever watch Michael Jordan in playoff basketball? Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic in a grand slam final? Or pick your favorite boxer or MMA fighter. Do they seem a bit off the rocker in the match? Damm right they do! And they should. Read Mark Cubans story. He didnt take a vacation and worked like a dog for 8 years before he got a big break. Seems crazy doesn’t it?

To live an extraordinary life you must do extraordinary things and have extraordinary thoughts. Make sense? Most people do not do this. Most people submit to a life of average, mediocrity, sloth, laziness, ignorance, apathy. It takes a lot of work, courage, discipline and motivation to make things happen when everything is going wrong or adversity is thumping you in the head. Most people will turn the other cheek and give up. This is where you have to tune up your crazy into high gear.

Make those extra 100 calls a day. Visit the seller or buyer, or make that sales call. Have the wife tell you to stop calling. Hang up. Then call the husband and tell him how serious you are about your product and that you will not give up because you feel this is right for them. (I’ve done this many times :)) You’re running a 5k or half marathon or full marathon and you feel your body giving up or shortness of breath. At this moment decide to tune it up a notch, get crazy and let the adrenaline flow. (I’ve done this many times as well)

Being unreasonable is necessary. I Hope you see that. Being average and reasonable is dangerous and boring. To be exceptional, you have to harness your crazy muscle and use it every day. To be at the top of your game, you will not get there by being reasonable with yourself and your expectations.

All of the top performers I know and hang around with, we are all definitely a bit crazy and off the rocker. In a good way. At times we’re laid back and relaxed, but when its go time, we’re insanely fiery, intense, and “in the zone crazy.” I want you to understand, I’m not talking about being crazy to inflict harm on ourselves and other people. The crazy I a writing about is the kind that makes you stay up for 24 hours to complete the job, finish the project, make that sale after 150 calls. Whatever it takes. The one thing about being a champion is that we weather the storm and do not pay attention to whats going on or how it appears to others or if its socially acceptable. We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Then you can sit back and take a day off and really enjoy the day. This feeling is indescribable if you have felt it. When you accomplish something big and you went through hell and torture to get it, and you’re still standing. Pure joy. Do you notice how you feel about yourself when you really stretch yourself. I mean really stretch yourself. Whether its working out in the gym, running, starting a business; that awesome wave of accomplishment and joy afterwards. Nothing like it.

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