Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

I often get asked, what are the secrets to success?

There are many. And there isn’t a holy grail of just one characteristic. However, mindset, positive attitude, specialized knowledge, desire, all play a key into this.

One of the main drivers of success I see with massively successful people is simply this…They are producers full time, consumers part time..

Make sense?

In other words, successful people spend a bulk of their time on producing income, producing products for consumers to buy, producing coaching platforms for students, producing any trinket in which consumers purchase.

Whereas unsuccessful people spend most of their time dilly dallying on facebook, gossiping, worrying about the news, and buying consumer goods, consumer products, and spend a majority of their time on consuming and only a fraction of time on producing something of value.

I want you to think about this. Its a HUGE mindshift. If all you think about is the latest gadget, the newest phone, the newest whatever….You’re probably broke and unhappy. Just sayin…

That’s not to say we producers dont consume. Of course we have material desires and do our share of consuming. Case in point, my wife kept reminding me that we were overdue on buying a new car. Took me probably 2 years lol. Reason…Im so focused on producing and working on my craft, that that pursuit gives me more joy than most consumption of any consumer goods. Read that sentence again. Finally, I caved and bought a nice car 🙂 But it was on my terms, my timeline and I did research, made an appointment and bought it in one day. Then I moved on to producing…

Don’t be so selfish lol….My point is, take stock of what you are good at, what special talents you have, and help the world (i.e customers) with it! Produce something of massive value for others to buy. Create a product that disrupts the market, create a coaching program that will change peoples lives, create a software that makes it easier for consumers to accomplish something, write a book or an ebook to inspire someone. Write a blog for someone.

Successful people are so focused on being producers that the top performs you rarely see doing anything else. Think of Dr Dre? Do you ever see him causing trouble, or hitting the town? Nah man he is always working on his craft, creating a business, a record company, earphones…he creates products that have massive value that consumers buy. He is into his work and craft so much, it likely doesn’t even feel like work to him. He’s likely having fun, challenging himself, creating products that the world loves and oh by the way, making billions.

Right now, think of all of the successful people you know personally…Do they have this same characteristic? I bet they do…

I challenge you to stop consuming so much and shift you’re thinking to producing. Try the other side. You will likely experience more joy.

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