Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

Typically within 30 seconds on the phone with an investor I can sense whether they are a professional, accredited, and experienced investor.  We’ve all been through it.  A prospect calls us and tells us, “I’m a cash buyer and I buy 5 properties a month.”  We think, “great, let’s do business.”  Let’s say we hear that 10 times. What would be your guess as to how many actually do purchase 5 properties a month.  I’m talking of specifically cold versions of traffic (i.e craigslist, networking, or any other form of online media where it is our first contact with an investor) From my experience on cold traffic, only 1 out of 10.

This doesn’t really happen when an A Player refers you to one of their A Players who they work with.  Go with this route as it is the best way.  Any type of introduction from someone who is doing many deals is the absolute best source of additional investor partners.  Birds of a feather flock together.  Massively successful people hang out with whom?? You guessed it. Other successful people.  Most important sentence in this blog post.

Sometimes, though we come across people through our marketing channels, websites, online where there is no intro, just a cold call essentially.  One of the biggest things I notice with amateurs is their tone of voice.  Typically an amateur has endless amounts of time on a phone call, wants to talk about everything and anything and most importantly, talks about topics that are not important to securing the sale.  Vice versa with a pro.  When you talk with a pro, the attitude is “get to the point”  Not in a cold, ruthless, un impatient way (well not always) but we are out here making it happen for people!  Buyers, sellers, partners, realtors. The pro’s have limited time because we only have a finite amount of time in a day to create massive value for our customers, partners, etc.

Amateurs will want to waste 5 minutes talking about immaterial facts on a property.  The pro is thinking, “get to the point, get me the data, not the drama.” read that again.  Get me the data, not the drama.  If you’ve seen Jordan Belforts movie, “Wolf of Wall Street” you see his straight line method.  Straight line method is to keep the prospect focused on the mission at hand, everything else is unnecessary. This is a great method of sales.  Stay on track and focused on what really matters.  Immaterial things do not matter. (btw nothing else from him I condone like fraud etc, but his sales process done ethically is ok)  Stay on track and focused on the sale and material to the sale.  Everything else is noise and unnecessary.

After some pleasantries and rapport building, its time to move in a straight line towards the goal, the sale or whatever it is.  If you notice yourself making excuses and not staying on track and focused on the task at hand, catch yourself and revise your pitch.  Look at every top income earner, top sales guy in any company and notice their demeanor and habits.  Do they waste a lot of time? Do they dance around the issue and talk about unimportant immaterial fluff or do they get down to business?  Do they have a lackluster “lost” sense to them or are they intense and passionate?  Do they have a certain energy about them?

If you find yourself on the side of being a time waster, stop now! Become the consummate pro and your income, self esteem, respect from peers and clients will soar.  When you have a heart to serve, and to serve as many people as you can, and when you are in the workflow during the day, top achievers know about this.  There is a swiftness you have to move with, a no holds barred no nonsense approach for maximum results.

When you watch someone like Michael Jordan or Lebron James play, were/are they focused on being their best, being the consummate pro, focusing on the one thing they care about: winning?  Or are they distracted by throwing dirty elbows or dirty plays or fighting other players, or any other chicanery?  They are so focused on the mission at hand at such a high level that using the term amateur would never even come close to describing them.  If you desire to be or have what they have, or even a percentage of what they have, watch, learn and let it soak in.  Get rid of drama, stop creeping on Facebook for half your life, focus on what you can control (your attitude, your output) vs focusing on mindless nonsense.

Other Characteristics of a Pro:
1-Will do whatever it takes to get the job done (morally, legally, ethically speaking)
2-Cut out noise and focus on the goal at hand
3-Admit When You’re wrong and take blame, instead of blaming other people, economy, religion etc
4-Even in strong duress or adversity, maintains a level of respect
Go kick ass today!

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