Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

Here’s a hint.

By default..if you’re not success conscious, you’re failure conscious.

Even when we’re not working on our craft, on our mindset…by default champions are always conscious of success.

Petty arguments, gossip, distractions, roadblocks, naysayers, haters. None of these matter to someone with a goal who is laser focused and success conscious.

The reverse is true. If you pay attention to all of those, by default you will be failure conscious.

Remember that below average basketball player, Michael Jordan? (Just kidding, hes the greatest of all time, sorry Lebron) Do you remember his mental state at all times? Laser focused. Obsessed with the end goal of winning a championship. And at the same time, a cool presence that carried over to his teammates. Do you think he was distracted by what naysayers were saying about him? If anything, it catapulted him even higher.

There are so many examples of the other side of the token…failure conscious. Athletes with all of the talent, but zero work ethic and drive. And more interested in parties, drugs, distractions, whatever it is. I’m sure you can think of many examples…

Bruce Lee’s quote is gold here…”A Successful warrior is an average man with laser like focus.”

What is your mental diet like?

Mental diet? What the hell is that you ask?

Just like your body, garbage in, garbage out…

Think of the friends, associates, books, tv you allow in your head.

Are they moving you up or down?

Are you around people encouraging you, loving you, pushing you, or around people who want to talk smack, complain, or impose their thought cancer on you (not an official condition, but maybe soon it will be realized. Know anyone that all they do is complain and drag you down…)

I speak from both sides here as I’ve been on both sides. Growing up, I was a loser and my thoughts were just plain whack. Even though at the time I thought I was cool, but in retrospect….I was just a loser. I did however always have a maniacal work ethic which saved me in many ways and carried me through life until my thought life finally caught up with my work ethic. From the thoughts I had to the friends I had, its almost surprising I didn’t end up worse then.

Then, something just shifted in my head and my thought life. I went on a lifelong journey to discover the truth and push myself daily.

At the time, I didn’t have many mentors, so I used good books, YouTube inspirational videos from Tony Robbins and the like to push me through. If you’re ever done this…its sooo tough. If you’re going through this, I definitely understand. Its tough when you’re pushing yourself to excel and the people around you are looking at you like you’re crazy and that you want to push yourself. A lot of people don’t have the drive and resolve to do these difficult turnarounds in life and often times you’re friends just want to keep you where you are, so that they can stay where they are….in their comfort zone. This is disguised in many ways by drinking, partying, escapism, video games, wasting time, no purpose, no resolve, no discipline, etc.

2 Things:

  1. It doesn’t matter what social or financial background you come from. My family came as immigrants from another country and we started with nothing. With hard work, drive, perseverance and dedication anything can be accomplished. In addition, even if the odds are against you, you can still make it. If there was a category in high school, “least likely to succeed” I would probably be on that list.
    If you see my now, I’m unrecognizable from then, and I’m proud to say it 🙂
  2. Never underestimate the heart of a man or a woman. The invisible forces. From my guy Art Williams, Just Do It. Google his video. So powerful. But it rings so true. You can will yourself to victory with an abundance of heart. It will pick up from other deficiencies you have. With enough resolve, heart and perseverance you can accomplish incredible things. Truth is, most people give up at the sign of turmoil. This is when you have to click to another gear and surprise yourself and move past what you thought you had in you….

I can say, I have an abundance of heart and persistence and just won’t back down ever. Almost in a maniacal way.
The point I’m making again is that no matter where you come from, you can make it happen.

Take a real good look at your inner circle and digest all of this.

Stand guard at the door of your mind

-Jim Rohn

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