Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

How to do the Common Things Uncommonly Well…

The zombie generation. Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is connected with social media, posting on facebook or listening to their fave jam and completely oblivious to whats right in front of them.

Technology is an amazing tool. It has made our lives better in a lot of ways. But, it also has made it worse in some ways. When the tv was invented, this was a groundbreaking event. The reverse is also true. Everyone can turn their brains off now and choose not to socialize and spend 4-5 hours a day watching the tube or on Facebook without any real human connection with meaning.

We are a social species and rely on each other to survive. Its sad to see sometimes how the art of socializing, the art of connecting with others has been replaced with liking a facebook status, or watching a mini series. Look around the next time you’re people watching and just about everyone is glued to their phones, tablets, and gadgets. We’re all guilty of this (myself included sometimes)

On the reverse, Do you also notice someone in a group who is extremely present and commands social presence? His or her energy is all in the moment and heartfelt and you cant help but notice the energy created. These seem to be the minority these days. People that are not glued to their tablet or phone and are truly present listening, talking and interacting with their social group.

So how does this relate to buyers and sellers of real estate? We’re all human and its still a human being business. You still have to connect with your intended audience.

If you’re talking with a seller, listen to them with 100% focus. Ask them what they’re trying to accomplish? what’s most important to them? And listen diligently. You can tell when someone is not really listening and waiting for their turn to speak (pretty much everyone) And then there’s a select group of people who actually listen and then interject nuggets of wisdom or open ended questions or see how they can help. There’s the key. If you’re talking with a seller, don’t worry about your agenda. Think to yourself, “How can I help this person?” You will last in this business forever if you have a heart to serve and are intent on helping the seller.

When you go to Starbucks for some coffee, do they tell you what you want? Maybe. If you don’t know what you want. But their order takers listening to what you want. You tell them what is important to you (your order) then they order take and fulfill. Think of real estate the same way.

Or when you see a doctor, does he give you a prescription right away?? Lol, some do. But a good doctor asks you a lot of questions to get to the core of your problem. After diagnosing what is the problem he then offers a solution.

Now think when you meet a seller or discuss how you can help them. Listen to their story, find out why they have to sell and listen. Find out what their timeline is and take a mental note of it. On one of my first deals, I talked with the seller and found out her husband died and she wanted to move out and needed help with everything. I helped her call the salvation army to donate some unwanted items, helped her coordinate a estate sale and find her next place. I didnt have to, but it was the right thing to do.

A lot of the reasons you may not be experiencing the results you want have nothing to do with real estate. Instead it may be the unseen forces: your ability to connect with your audience, work ethic, why you do what you do.

If you don’t care about people then none of this matters. Start caring about people first. Then, when you meet or talk with a seller, smile and look at their eyes. If you’re talking on the phone, make sure you’re energy level is optimum.

Its often said as a marketer, you’re job is to wake up most people who are in a legit coma walking around this earth like a zombie. So say things that are different that throw people off to wake them and put them in your reality. An example: I was at a Walmart doing some grocery shoplifting and I walk up to the clerk who asks, “cash or credit today?” I reply matter of factly…”I was actually thinking about using Monopoly money today.” And then I smiled at her. This lit the clerk up and she laughed and really softened her and awoke her. I can imagine for the past hour she was likely zombie like and then I threw that out there to be different a little and awake her (by the way, did you catch that grocery shoplifting lol jk I dont do that!!!)

Little things like that go a long way. Connect with your audience in a common way that nobody does anymore.

Let me hear your thoughts…

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