Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors


Advanced tips on finding the right realtor for your virtual wholetail deal

Google is the best place to start on this. Google the town and realtor. So Quincy Illinois would be Quincy Illinois realtors. Then call the first 10 realtors. Likely only a handful respond 🙂 Out of those that do respond, ask them some qualifying questions….

  • Are you familiar with the local market?
  • Are homes selling to investors and/or landlords in this area?
  • How many sales last year did you do?
  • Would you assist me in viewing this property and telling me your estimate of fair market value?

These are basic questions to start. What you want to do is feel them out to make sure they are a good fit for you to work with. Choose the realtor that you connect with. And if they balk or do not want to scope out the property for you, hang up! You do not want a lazy realtor working for you. It will cause more work for you.

Another great option if you know someone in that town all ready, simply ask for a referral. Think of someone you know who is a center of influence in the area and see who they would recommend as a realtor to work with. Get referrals from people who are trustworthy, diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable. You’ve heard the term, birds of a feather flock together. Well, if you get a referral from a solid human, its likely, not guaranteed, but likely that they will spend their time with like minded people. If you’re masochistic, then find a loser and ask him or her for referrals. 🙂 You get my point here I hope. This is a great way to find a realtor though as you are leveraging the network of someone you all ready know.

Another growing source is to visit or Here you can enter your city and state and search the local area and look at feedback from others. Another great source.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with this process and/or spend more time than you have to. You want to find a solid realtor, but not waste weeks doing so. Once you find a good one, and results are there, you now have one for that area and you’re building your team the right way. It is confidence inspiring. What you want to avoid is taking months to make a decision. If that is you, its not the realtor that’s the problem, you are! Make a decision and move on.

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