Golden Nuggets for Real Estate Investors

Motivated sellers: Because of their situational or physical hardship and often times, a short window to sell their home, motivated sellers are, by definition….a little on edge emotionally and are operating on a deadline of when they will lose their property.

They will likely be acting in the worst version of themselves. Not the case all the time, but more often than not it is. You, as an investor coming to save the day, must know this. And tread carefully and be a rock basically. You have to inspire confidence so that they will trust you to help them.

You have to leave the motivated seller after your visit or your telephone conversation with full confidence in your ability to help them. The only thing they care about is “can this guy or girl help me solve my problem?” That’s it. Structure your appointment and/or phone conversation accordingly.

When I sold insurance, my mentor once told me…”You want to structure your appointment and what you say by the conversation the husband and wife, or business partners will have about you after you leave.”

Get it? You want to leave a good impression that you are competent, able, confident, likable and can help them solve their problem. That conversation they have at the kitchen table when you leave better be favorable…

Learn the art of rapport building and disarming your seller. If you combat them or are too aggressive with them and they aren’t an aggressive type, you lost the sale.

This is often times not discussed in wholesaling or rehabbing marketing, but it’s more important than knowing the strategy. (actually both are important) But the point is, you have to be able to relate to people and build rapport. People are always looking for ways to not do business with you and get rid of you, so do not give them any reasons to…

Instill confidence in your seller.

Then, the other side of the token is the motivated cash buyer. You want to be emotionally level headed as sometimes they can be off the rocker lol.

Buyers circumventing you and seller, buyers doing whatever they can to get the deal. Its a circus show sometimes.

Same logic applies here. You must be able to handle what they throw at you and keep a level head to get the deal to close sometimes.

As Don Shula used to say, “don’t get too high, don’t get too low.” But keep it jolly (I added that in) 🙂

This trait is one of the most important traits to have and develop.

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